Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Animals

Creatures great and creatures small,

in our house you'll find them all.

Our dog called Tara is a Staff

She's very strange, loves a bath,

8 years old and black as night,

never known to growl or bite.

She's very placid but licks alot,

and even a pedigree name has got,

Buckstaff duchess Royal i had to call,

she is so loved by one and all..

My cockateil, JJ is not very old,

Cheeks so orange, bright and bold.

Boy or girl we wont know yet,

but we don't mind he still a great pet.

"Ruby Do" my baby rabbit,
keeping pets, a bit of a habbit.
She's white as snow with eyes so red,
a dwarf Netherland so they said.

Very soft and very tame,

wish the others had been the same,

one grey rabbit forget her name,
very vicious could not tame.

But Ruby is so very sweet.

having her is really a treat.

The snake, well, that's a placid corn,
back in the summer she was born.

Tom handles her all the time,
that to me is crossing the line.

Don't mind to look but cannot touch,

really don't like snakes that much.

The hamster is in Zoe's room,
probably in the hallway soon.

Very noisy at night, you see,

in his wheel running round he'll be.

Mink his colour and a male we think,

got to keep him clean or he will stink.
In his ball, he has a run

Zoe and him have good fun.

Just the fish tank left to tell,

moving that was just sheer hell.
Many fish come and go,

buy some more when we get low

Therapeutic and calming

JJ finds them very charming.
Watches them for hours on end

trys to peck them he does tend,

but to no avail, he just hits glass,

you'd think he'd learn the silly "ass"


Ex-Shammickite said...

Nice to meet you and all your pets,
I'll bet they keep you running to the vet's!
Interesting to hear all about you,
Have you ever thought of running a zoo?

bigbikerbob said...

Come on you hav'nt mentioned the latest addition to the menagerie yet.

uncle mick said...

any room for people in your house?

pam said...

Only Just and Wayne bought home another rabbit last week, god i must be mad...