Sunday, 28 January 2007

there's a new one....

well then my freinds, i've done it now,

wayne bought me a present, but i dont know how.

A secret he kept and money he saved,

all those tickets he wrote, how he has slaved.

He bought me a pup a rottie no less,

for ages i have wanted one i must confess.

8 weeks old and such a joy,

really glad she a girl not a boy,

Tara our staff has been a real star,

playing and neurturing poppy so far

Thats the pups name, shes as sweet as can be

I have added a picture so you too can see.

I will keep you informed and up to date

at the things that she does and her growing rate

at the mo we are training her to go to the loo

perhaps even manage to go outside for a pooh....
so for now i will leave you and go clean a puddle
my life my life ,is a really big muddle.........................


Aiden said...

Rottie Are beautiful, I know I used to own one with my mum, she had a long pedigree and to my dad she was royalty; We called her Lady dark Jester or jess for short.

bigbikerbob said...

How do you neuter a female? ha ha.

Patty said...

What a beautiful puppy with her little wet nose.

pam said...

thank you Patty,
and I do hope all is going well with the tretment..... go girl!!