Wednesday, 20 June 2007

the puppy up-date

well Poppy is now 7 months old as a s promised i will tell you how she is doing!!!!

Apart from the umpteen pair of shoes she has distroyed she is good.. a real "big bear" so cuddly and loving.

We had a problem with the garden to start with.... she dug up the plants as fast as i could put them in. i remember one day i had gone next door to have a coffee and leave poppy and tara for a while on their own! when i came back in i was greeted with big licks and wagging tales but when i went into the lounge. well. there was a eupalypus tree in the middle of the carpet and mud and dirt every where, you can imagine, she had played with it like a stick, shaking it all over the house.. i was horrified, she did the same with my mock orange amd has had a go at "spikey" an corydaline my mum and dad bought me for my birthday (dont tell them) god they will go mad!!!!!!!

A habit she has got into now too is to correer in to the bathroom door (obviously opening it) to get a fussing in the morning while i am on the loo..... she will put her head on my chest for a cuddle and i am afraid she still does it to this day she getts "her time" with me in the morning..

She is really funny in water! she jumps like a gaszelle, it is so funny, had us all in stiches, leaping a bout like a baby fawn. but she loves the water.

Comes to the bath with me and waits till i get out.....

she is spoilt isnt she? oh well she worth it. i have put on a few pics with different ages so we can keep a record of how she is growing. hope you enjoy!


bigbikerbob said...

Hi one blog 4 months cant be bad, keeping us waiting or what?.

bigbikerbob said...

The Anticipation is really killing us, no finger nails or what?.Watch this Space.