Tuesday, 20 November 2007

MY HOOBY (god.. I hope this shuts him up)

Hi all, I thought as it has been 3.5months (so I am told REGULARY by dad) I thought i would bore you with some pictures of my passion/hobby CROSSSTITCH.
I have done lots of them over the year
s and have given them too as wedding presents and bithday samplers. It is such a theraputic hobby and so much fun to see a design appear before your eyes.
Crosstitch is done on AIDA an evenweave canvas of varing sizes, sticthed using a pattern usually with symbols to show you which colour to stitch where. There is NO image on the canvas you have to put it there with stitches.
It really is great to do and limbs and eyes willing i will keep crossstictching for many years to come. I would recommend this hobby to everyone it is really rewarding!!!!
Anyway here are a few of the ones i have done since 1998 (s
orry the last few are a bit blurred)
The next one measures 8 x 10 inches and took abo
ut 10 months to complete.

If you click on the image it will apear alot bigger so you can see the detailing involved..

This the very first one i did in 1993 it measures 14inches by 10 and was a real test but hey i gave up smoking whilst doing it (they kept burning out) and was biten by the bug. (above)

It is far from the quickest hobby in the world but worth every last stitch.
This one has fond memories for me as i finished it while my second eldest boy was in hospital (very rare skin disorder, thats another blog) and i literally finished as he came round from the aneasetic. (above)

So there you have it some of the many pictures i have done over the years
I anyone would like any advice or has a question about Crossticth then dont hesitate to leave me a comment and i will return your message. Thnaks for looking .
(Now off my back father) xxxxx love you xxxx


bigbikerbob said...

Pam, I presume its Wayne you are talking about, when you call this blog your Hooby, might pay to put on spellcheck. (ha he )Anyway just nice to see a blog again , even bloody crosstitch, keep it up now, I will expect another by JANUARY.

Martin Stickland said...

Hey! Your profile is wrong, you are now 43 and not 42, yes that's right 43, 4 and 3, four tens and three ones which is 43!!!

Just thought I would rub it in!

Happy Birthday!!!

pam said...

Thanks alot Martin you wait, i will get you back too... my new years resolution!!!

pam said...

Thanks alot Martin you wait, i will get you back too... my new years resolution!!!

bigbikerbob said...

Well now pam
, As Martin rightfully said (only once)now your at that age, you have to sit at home evenings in your rocking chair,glasses on nose, just tootalling along with your sewing,knitting, embroidery while you still have good eyesight(it tends to go with age), we'll all have a warm scarf please!!!!!.

Aiden said...

well, pam looks like youre not the only one who enjoys cross stitch....i have a pal here who does it as a H-O-B-B-Y if you have facebook..look him up his name is mike martin in lincoln.